Nov 22, 2017

#78 - Paper Doll Book Preview, Transparent Textiles on the Runway, Judy Garland Coloring, RuPaul Paper Dolls

Ready to Get UNdressed!

My current Works-in-Progress include a book that is not really as unusual as it may seem at first. “Hollywood Gets Undressed” is my next paper doll book and the theme is inspired by the ultra-glamorous boudoir fashions worn by stars on the screen. Negligees, robes, nightgowns, pajamas, corsets and lots of lovely lingerie. Also included, just for fun, are some of the scanty costumes that shocked audiences in the more modest past. There will be four paper doll models; three lovelies (two whom resemble Carole Lombard as a blonde and a brunette, plus fiery Maureen O’Hara…also a look-a-like Errol Flynn). Here’s a sneak preview of the work-in-progress book that is scheduled to be published next year by Jenny Taliadoros’ Paper Studio Press. Be sure to visit for my current offering of Hollywood paper dolls!

paper dolls, David Wolfe, Classic Hollywood, Hollywood fashion
Front and Back Cover Roughs for “Hollywood Gets Undressed.”

Close-up of Dolls inspired by Carole Lombard, Maureen O’Hara and Errol Flynn. 

Sheer Fabrics Tell a Transparent Tale

Transparent textiles as fine as gossamer wings swept through the spring ’18 runway shows like a tsunami, adding an illusion of delicacy. As a top layer, sheer fabrics often create illusionary color transformations. Sometimes the transparencies lack modesty on runway models. But when multi-layered or simply veiling an opaque frock, top, bra or even a coat, they become a realistic and intriguing real-life fashion option. Some of the transparencies are crisp while others are soft and floaty. A few are printed or textured, too. Whether the transparent items are simple or confectionary, they are a major fashion tale for spring ’18. 

Transparent Dresses by Valli, Dior and Calvin Klein.

Transparent Tops by Valentino, Rocksanda and Chanel.

Transparent Gowns by Mugler, Rochas and Akris.

Transparent Coats by Assembly, Dries Van Noten and Pringle.

My Oldest Coloring Book: Judy Garland

I have a coloring older than I am! My 77 year old Judy Garland book was printed in 1940 when the young star was 18 years old and part of the Andy Hardy franchise. The book is in poor condition, no surprise because cheap newsprint was considered good enough for an ephemeral item but it has yellowed with time and crumbles at the edges. Nevertheless, I tried to color a page with wax crayons but found that I had to press hard to get the color to show on the fragile paper. I switched to soft colored pencils and carefully added color using a very light touch. The content of the book is interesting. Young Judy is on what’s left of the disintegrating cover, but she’s not a doll. There are two typical ‘40s paper dolls (with broad bare shoulders) on the back cover and 4 pages of clothes for them to color and cut-out. A note explains that “Judy has designed these clothes for her fashion dolls, Peggy and Polly.” Judy appears on every page of the coloring book but artist Hedwig Jo Meixner evidently didn’t like drawing her as the star is sometimes viewed from the back as she signs autographes, sips a soda or inspects a car for her birthday. The book portrays Judy as a not-very-glamorous girl next door. 

Classic Hollywood coloring book
Cover and Colored Page

Classic Hollywood Judy Garland Coloring Book
Pages Colored by David 

High Shine Steals the Spotlight

The recent runway previews of spring ’18 designer collections didn’t need a mega-watt spotlight to catch and reflect the light. Many materials look as though they have been struck by lightning. High shine surfaces glimmer and gleam, polished to shimmering sleekness. Satin shines for daytime items as well as evening occasion dressing. Slick synthetics add uber-ultramodern shine while sequins suggest retro glamour. Sometimes the shine is slightly subdued. Whether subtle or dazzling, surface shine promises to glamourize spring ’18. 

Satin Shine by Marni, Calvin Klein and Balenciaga. 

Synthetic Shine by Acne, Calvin Klein and Femty.

Shiny Sparkle by Valentino, Valentino and Coach.

Shiny Pantsuits by Dolce & Gabbana, Coach and Gabriela Hearst.

RuPaul's Drag Race Paper Dolls

A glossy, glamorous newly published paper doll book based on RuPaul’s Drag Race tv show. The popular competition pits Drag Queen against Drag Queen. They face challenges as they make-up their faces and slip into glamour girl drop-dead outfits. The book captures the outrageous looks and personalities. Ten punch-out die-cut dolls and costumes are based on the winning contestants and illustrated by Sunny Gu in a slick computer-cool art style. Why no RuPaul doll, I wonder? Available at for $12.88. 

Drag Queen Paper Dolls
RuPaul’s Drag Race Paper Doll Book.

Drag Queen Paper Dolls
Drag Race Competitor and Drag Costume.